Dear Members,

As we start a new year, we can’t help but reflect on our incredible Garden Club history.

We think of the solid foundation that was created back in 1931 and how the club continued to flourish and transform with each passing year. Some members can remember when the club was a bit more formal: greeting each other by married names and using china tea cups and silver tea services. Most members know the club as it is now: a little less formal and a lot more disposable cups!

We also see an unchanging current that ran through the club of yesterday and the club of today; the close friendships and bonds that existed then and still exist today. Sudbury Garden Clubers really do have more fun!

As the Club continues to grow and evolve, our values will remain firmly planted (pun intended). Friendships and bonds will be celebrated and nourished and we will continue to value the work we do as a Club. Our community depends on us to continue our good work of beautification, outreach, and sharing of knowledge.

We look forward to turning over a new leaf with you and continuing to learn and grow as a Club.

Ann and Barbara