Join Sudbury Garden Club members on Wednesday, October 11th, 7:00 pm at the Goodnow Library for an enlightening presentation on the intertwined relationships honeybees have with the envirnoment. Discover more about their lives, their amazing abilities and what we can learn from them. Honeybees are very special insects, with a unique and highly organized way of living. In this presentation, Katharina will unveil and discuss the inner workings of a beehive, the colony’s decision making processes, and its interactions with the world around them. She will also discuss how honeybees are different from, or similar to, other pollinators we may encounter, what challenges our pollinators face, and how gardeners may help. The presentation will conclude with opportunities for questions and answers, a honey tasting, and a sample of bee-friendly seeds to take home.

Katharina Wilkins, PhD, is a scientist, engineer and beekeeper. During her graduate studies at MIT, she developed mathematical methods to study the workings of the human internal clock. She brings that deep understanding of systems biology, an approach that focuses on complex networks of interactions, to her passion for beekeeping.

A mother to three young girls, she regularly speaks to groups of all ages, from STEM programs for school-aged children to adult education events.

Refreshments will be provided.