President’s Message

Dear Sudbury Garden Club Family,

Hello! We want to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you as we begin our 2016 – 2017 Garden Club year. Our garden club roots are over 80 years old. Our thinking is not! The Sudbury Garden Club holds civic beautification and contribution in high regard.We’d like to highlight some of our accomplishments for this past year.  We… pruned the dogwood trees at Heritage park; purchased a cypress bush and some new plants for the area by Concord Road; added some more plants at the Library; purchased two large planters for Town Hall; hosted a Wayside Inn History & Decorations tour; awarded three scholarships to graduating High School Seniors; delivered small pots full of Pansies to 19 Sudbury Recipients of Meals on Wheels; gave small pots of Basil plants to the Sudbury Food Pantry for their customers; beautified the grounds in front of Lincoln Sudbury HS; held a workshop on container gardening at the Senior Center; participated in garden treks at members gardens; and provided assistance to an injured garden club member.

Together, we are able to accomplish so much because of our Famous Annual Plant Sale which is our major fundraiser. The success of this event is a direct result of your time, talent, and effort. Thank you all so very much.

We plan to extend our acts of kindness this coming year to include the nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in Sudbury. We will also be making Valentines for area homeless shelters. Special workshops will include Garden Therapy, Aroma Therapy, and Fairy Gardens. We are planning to create special decorations for the 300th Birthday of the Wayside Inn. Of course, we will continue to improve the landscaping throughout town.

The themes of our monthly meetings this year will include;  “Garden Stories and Plant Swap”, “New Technologies in Urban Farming”, “Wood Carvings of Bird and Wildlife”, “Holiday Brunch”, “Public Gardens Armchair Tour”, “Vertical Gardening”, “Protection and Stewardship of natural and historic areas across the U.S.”, “Befriending Fungi”, “Committee Sign-up”, “Lunch at the Education Center of Garden in the Woods”.

We are successful because you have a green thumb.  After all you are a gardener!  You also have many other skills and talents.

Are you an artist? A business person? An organizer?
A writer? A socialite? A cook? A baker? A communicator?
A computer nerd? An educator? A learner? A creator?
A designer? A digger? A money manager? A planner?
A beautifier? A helper? A community activist? A researcher?
A manager? A leader? A follower? An advertiser?
A marketer? A naturalist? An environmentalist?
A landscaper? A photographer?

Then, there is a home for you in our club. The Sudbury Garden Club is the perfect family in which to share and develop your valuable talents.

Ann and I are looking forward to serving our community as co-presidents of the 80 year strong Sudbury Garden Club.

We are rooted in the Earth, but Reaching for the sky.

Joyce and Ann